How to Increase Sales With Eco-Friendly Water Packaging

Water Packaging

Offering greener solutions is more important than ever as a way to increase sales as well as benefit the environment. Various stakeholders are researching and coming up with different ways to actualize manufacturing processes that don’t negatively affect the environment.


Water is the most consumed beverage in the world. A number of people enjoy a drink of pure, clean water. Quite a number of them also care about the environment.


However, given that the majority of water bottles are made of environmentally hazardous plastic, things may get tricky. Fortunately, producers are aware of this issue and are taking all reasonable steps to limit the harm that the bottles may do.


Here are a few of the measures they are taking, and you, too, can follow suit.


ACTION 1: Using less plastic or using materials that take up less landfill space


We know how detrimental the effects of glass and plastic water bottles are. Plastic water bottles are manufactured using fossil fuels; on average, 481.6 billion of these bottles are consumed annually globally.


Glass bottles, on the other hand, is an unlikely suspect, but a suspect nonetheless. A study by the University of Southampton in England has found that these are more detrimental compared to plastic, since to manufacture glass bottles, companies need to mine rare materials and then consume even more fossil fuels and resources to produce and ship because they are heavier than their plastic counterparts. They take up


A good middle ground when considering environmental harm is using the right size custom flexible packaging, which takes up less energy to produce and ship and takes up considerably less space in landfills. Custom pouches make the overall product lighter, which is better for the environment since it puts less strain on the vehicles used to deliver the bottles and the equipment required to stretch them into form.


ACTION 2: Going the carbon neutral way


Packaging is considered climate neutral (or carbon neutral or CO2 neutral) when all of the carbon emissions connected to its manufacturing have been assessed and subsequently offset by a carbon offset scheme. This may be the case with an effort to conserve forests, for instance.


Icelandic Glacial is the first bottled spring water to be certified as carbon neutral. They utilize natural hydroelectric and geothermal energy to power production. All packaging components are 100 percent recyclable, and their bottles are premium rPET bottles free of BPA.


Consumers should know about the eco-friendly solutions available in water and beverage packaging. More importantly, though, beverage packaging designers and bottle manufacturers should possess this knowledge.


By reducing plastic use, manufacturers can conserve resources and money while playing their part in protecting the environment. This will also help them attract customers who love using eco-friendly items.


ACTION 3: Using plant-based materials


Have you ever heard of plant-based plastic? It is a form of bioplastic made from agricultural waste such as sugarcane, maize, wheat, or food waste.


Some businesses have adopted the use of these plastics to reduce their environmental footprints. For example, Dasani, a Coca-Cola-owned water manufacturer, makes its bottles using plant-based materials.




As a manufacturer who is keen on providing consumers with eco-friendly water packaging, bringing an expert on board is an intelligent decision.


They will advise you on the best sustainable materials to use and maybe even design a professional custom label with messaging that shows your commitment to environmental conservation Read More

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