Melody Hurd: Biography, Age, Family, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, and More

Melody Hurd

A well-known American child performer and online entertainment figure are Melody Hurd. She gained recognition for her performance as Kevin Hart’s daughter Maddy Logelin in the Netflix movie Parenthood. She also contributed to the films. Them and Battle at Large Stone (both 2019). (2021). With a quick screening of Fight at Big Stone, she started her calling.


The world welcomed Melody Hurd on October 30, 2011. The tune is presently eleven years old (at this point 2022). She is a well-known American infant entertainer and internet personality. She rose to a standing acknowledged for the betting position of Kevin Hart’s small kid Maddy Logelin in the Netflix film Parenthood. Moreover, she contributed to the movies Them and Battle at Large Stone (both 2019). (2021). She began her calling with the quick film Battle at a Massive Stone.

Today, we have the opportunity to learn more about the entertainer Song’s wiki, biography, age, family, relationships, career, way of life, net worth, and other details.

Who is Melody Hurd?

American kid entertainer, model, television personality, internet entertainment juggernaut, and Instagram star Melody Hurd hails from Maryland. She is well-known among her peers for both her amazing appearance and her shown ability. Tune has worked as an entertainer in several films and television series, including We, Are Washington, Stunt, Amusement This Evening, Battle at Big Stone, and others.

She got to the location after betting the central character of Gracie Emory inside the evil television series “Them.” In addition to this, Tune has also walked the ramp at other children’s fashion shows, including the JWJ Design Show and others.

Melody Hurd

melody hurd


Information Details
Full Name Melody Hurd
Date of Birth August 24, 2008
Place of Birth Virginia, USA
Occupation Actress
Notable Works Them That Follow, The OA, Fatherhood
Upcoming Projects Leverage: Redemption, Don’t Look Up
Awards Best Actress at the Indie Short Fest for Jinn


She has started gaining popularity on Instagram and is on track to reach 100k followers. Her account may be accessed at melody Hurd, and her mother Nisha Hurd is in charge of managing it.

She is making a respectable living as an entertainer. Also, her Instagram account has the potential to generate a respectable income from advancements. Although we don’t have a precise estimate of her entire assets, we can conclude that given her young age, she has respectable total assets.

Career Leap Forward

2018 saw Song’s big break when she was cast in the movie “Them That Follow.” She played Mara, the young daughter of a snake-dealing priest, in the movie. She was immediately regarded as a rising celebrity in Hollywood after the two crowds and experts universally praised her presentation.

Song has since been in several well-known television shows and movies. She took on the role of Dalia in the Netflix-distributed television show “The OA.” Also, she played Keisha with Kevin Hart in the Netflix original movie “Parenthood,” which was released in 2021.

Upcoming assignments

Melody Hurd has a few upcoming responsibilities that her admirers are eagerly anticipating. She will appear in the television show “Influence: Recovery,” a revival of the well-known program “Influence.” She will play Breanna Casey, the lead character’s girlfriend.

The tune will also appear in the Adam McKay-directed movie “Don’t Look Into,” which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep among a star-studded cast. The movie is scheduled to arrive in late 2021.

Melody Hurd Education

When her readiness was being evaluated, Tune was presently attending a nearby private school in her former neighborhood. Also, she pursues her performance career as a specialization. Melody Hurd is currently recognized as one of the best American young actors and models.

As a Model

Melody Hurd

melody hurd

Melody first found success as a model. She appeared to have a ton of showing potential and to still exhibits that could be designed for children, according to all accounts. Song made her acting debut in 2019 by shining a spotlight on the spine-tingling thriller Stunt. She performed the role of Janice in the movie. After this movie, she was allowed to explore her creative side as Maddy Logelin in Kevin Hart’s Netflix series Parenthood.

Also, she spoke at the JWJ Style Show in Atlanta, Georgia. She also posted a ton of fond memories of her favorite shows on her online entertainment accounts. In addition to this, Song has appeared in several magazine articles.

Awards and Recognition

While young, Melody Hurd has actively received several accolades and titles for her exhibitions. For her performance in the short film “Jinn,” she was awarded the Non-Mainstream Short Fest’s Best Entertainer prize in 2019. For her role in “Parenthood,” she was also nominated for a Youthful Craftsman Grant.

In addition to grants, Song has also received praise for her selfless work. She has participated in several foundation affiliations, including those with the Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Melody Hurd Filmography: 

According to IMDB, Tune made her on-screen debut with the television show “We Are Washington” in the first year of 2017. From that point on, she was granted the chance to finish Kadasha’s role in the 2019 short film Battle at Large Stone. She has played Janice in the movie Stunt for the last identical year. The tune was chosen for the lead role of Gracie Emory in the television series “Them” due to her perfect acting ability.

Since then, she has also received attention for her role as Maddy Logelin in the Netflix film “Parenthood.” She collaborated on this movie with Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, DeWanda Shrewd, Lil Rel Howery, and other A-list actors. Early on, Tune received a lot of recognition. According to sources, Tune’s entire assets are estimated to be between $1 and $2 million (approx.).

Family Background

Have Parents? Yes
Mother Name Nisha Hurd
Father Name Fred Hurd II
Brother’s Name She has no brother
Sister’s Name Rhythm Hurd (Younger) and Lyric Hurd (Older)
Marital Status Unmarried
Children No
Melody Hurd

melody hurd

Melody Hurd Net Worth:

Song gained a sizable fan base and reputation after debuting as a variation and acting in a few showcasing roles and remaining shows. Everyone began to appreciate her efforts, and gradually she was given a chance in movies that could support her tenacious effort. The estimated value of Melody Hurd’s total assets is between $1 and $2 million (approximately), and she earns her living as an artist and alternative.

Famous For: Actress and Model
Net Worth: $1.2-2 million (approx.)
Income Source: Acting

Melody Hurd Age:

On October 30, 2011, Melody Hurd entered the world for the first time. Song is currently eleven years old (at this point 2022). She is necessary for a blended family, and Melody Hurd is the second daughter of her parents, according to her Instagram profile. Also, her father, “Fred Hurd II,” is a virtual entertainment powerhouse. On the other side, her mother, “Nisha Hurd,” is an alternative and a web celebrity. When it comes to her family, she has sisters who go by the names of “Verse Hurd” (senior) and “Musicality Hurd” (more youthful).

Melody Hurd Instagram

Instagram – @melodyhurd

Twitter– @MelodyHurd2

The family of Melody Hurd is well-known in the media, Hollywood, and the demonstrating industry. She has emphasized her presence. The actual inspiration for the Hollywood industry is Melody Hurd. Not everyone can handle being a young person and juggling exams on top of their performing career.

Delivering blockbuster movies and signing contracts early is a feat in and of itself. She uses her Instagram stories and posts to share images of her travels, relocation, and follow-up activities.

Melody Hurd’s Success and Achievements

  • She shared the location of the show screen with experts including Shahadi Wright Joseph in 2021.
  • Betting on the personality of Gracie Emory were Deborah Ayorinde, Alison Pill, and Ashley Thomas.
  • She has $1.2-2 million in total assets.
  • She engaged in impressive displays of rivalry.
  • She also participated in the JWJ Style Show that was held in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • She received a sizable fan base via outstanding virtual entertainment.
  • In 2016, The Ellen Show featured her.

Interesting Facts about Melody Hurd:

  • Melody Hurd was born in Maryland, USA, but is currently residing in Washington, DC.
  • Her career as a Kadasha was launched by the brief film Battle at Enormous Stone, directed by Colin Trevorrow.
  • She was chosen by director Patrick Lussier in 2019 to play Janice’s skill in the movie Stunt.
  • She previously made trouble in 2021 when she subjected Them to Gracie Emory’s person.
  • For this ten-episode series, she shared a presentation screen area with Shahadi Wright Joseph and Ashley Thomas.
  • Her older sister Verse Hurd is also a performer.


Melody Hurd, who is he?

American newborn child entertainer, model, television figure, online entertainment powerhouse, and Instagram household brand Melody Hurd is from Maryland.

When did Melody Hurd get his start?

On October 30, 2011, she was born into the world.

What age is Melody?

The age of Melody Hurd is eleven.

What are the names of Tune’s relatives?

Fred Hurd II is her father, and Nisha Hurd is her mother. Verse Hurd, one of her two relatives, is older than Musicality Hurd, another relative.

Where did she go to school?

Melody is currently enrolled at a local private school in her area to study. 6. Does she have a romantic partner? No, she is simply too young to be dating. Nonetheless, Ray Sean is a close friend of hers.


Even though the Melody Hurd family was well-known in the movies and performing arts, Tune chartered her career. She is becoming well-known at a young age because of her temperament, enthusiasm for exhibiting, and desire to convey the notion to everyone. She may be able to take a long path in fate if she keeps up this pattern.

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