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elena kamperi

Elena Kamperi Elena Kamperi is a well-known Greek Instagram star and performer whose images have gone viral due to online entertainment. She has a very genuinely attractive personality. Also, Elena maintains a web-based entertainment account with more than 100k followers on her Instagram persona. Elena worked for well-known fashion companies including Calvin Klein and Light. She is a well-known TikTok star as well. The information on Elena Kamperi’s wiki, memoir, age, sweetheart, family, net worth, and that’s just the beginning, should therefore be found.

About Elena Kamperi

Model Elena Kamperi, who is currently 23 years old, was born on November 4, 1999, in Greece.

Greek beauty with 750,000 Instagram followers who regularly publishes images of her stunning physique.

You may view all of Elena Kamperi’s information here. It will describe Elena Kamperi’s information, including her biography, age, pay, and family and relationships.

Stefanie Kamperi just before getting famous

Elena Kamperi was born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit, and 1999 falls under the sign of Scorpio (The Scorpion), the sign in which she was born.

The image she published on June 6, 2016, showing herself on a boat, became her most well-known Instagram post. The subtitle was taken from the words “Bedrock” by Youthful Cash.

elena kamperi

Elena Campari


Category Information
Full Name Elena Kamperi
Date of Birth 1989
Place of Birth Greece
Education attended the Athens Fashion Club to study fashion design
Career began her clothing line, noted for its daring and unique designs.
Awards Athens Xclusive Designers Week Best New Designer Award (2012)
Design Philosophy Bold prints, exaggerated silhouettes, and surprising features are featured in designs as a form of self-expression in the fashion industry.
Influence worn by Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga; worked on different collaborations with musicians and artists


Early Years and Education: In 1989, Greece welcomed Elena Kamperi into the world. She grew up in a family that valued creativity and craftsmanship, and even as a young girl, she showed a keen interest in design. She continued to focus on design strategy at the Athens Design Club, where she developed her style and advanced her skills.


After completing her exams, Elena Kamperi started her style image, which gained attention right away for its daring and unconventional ambitions. Her designs are renowned for their inventive use of unexpected materials, vibrant tones, and detailed specifications. She has showcased her collections at some of the most prestigious fashion events, such as the Athens Xclusive Creators Week, where she won the Best New Originator Grant in 2012.

Plan Theorem:

Elena Kamperi’s plans reflect her personality and viewpoint. She acknowledges that fashion is a means of expressing oneself and that everyone should be able to dress as they choose without worrying about criticism. Her concepts usually involve strong prints, misleading outlines, and unexpected intricacies, so they are not easily intimidated.

Firm Supports

Elena has either embraced or enhanced numerous brands through her virtual entertainment, including OLA KALA, Backforce, dealbunny.de GmbH & Co. KG, ByKamperi, Parlor, PrettyLittleThing, and Light Global.


Elena Kamperi’s original ideas have earned her a devoted following among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Any semblance of Woman Crazy, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner are a few celebrities who have donned her collections. Her influence extends beyond the design industry because she has collaborated on several projects with experts and entertainers.

Elena Kamperi’s earnings and net worth

Elena Kamperi makes most of her money as a model, which is how she first gained notoriety. As soon as information on her total assets in 2023 is updated, you may email allfamous.org and let us know about Elena Kamperi’s total assets.

Level and weight of Elena Kamperi

Elena Kamperi’s height is what? AllFamous.org updates information about Elena Kamperi’s status in 2023 as rapidly as time allows. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us and let us know how tall Elena Kamperi is.

elena kamperi

Elena Campari

Favorite Things

Food                          Chicken

Colour                        Black

Actors                        Tom Cruise

Sport                          Football

Hobbies                     Travelling



  • Elena Kamperi is a skilled fashion designer who has gained admiration for her meticulous and unusual concepts.
  • Her work reflects her belief that fashion is a means of self-expression and that people should be free to wear anything they want without worrying about criticism.
  • For her work, she has received awards, including the Best New Architect Grant at the Athens Xclusive Planners Week.
  • Famous VIPs have been seen wearing her accessories, and she has collaborated with experts and artists on a variety of projects.
  • Several aspiring creators have found inspiration in Elena Kamperi because they like her inventive approach to design.


  • Some people may find Elena Kamperi’s intentions to be too daring or unusual.
  • Similar to many fashion designers, there might be concerns regarding the upkeep ability and moral actions of her style image.
  • Since style is sometimes perceived as an indication of social and cultural characteristics, there may be reactions to or concerns about the information guiding her plans.

Realities of Elena Kamperi

  1. She sells her brand of custom clothing on 21 Buttons.
  2. On June 6, 2016, she uploaded a photo of herself on a boat as the first photograph on her own Instagram account.
  3. On December 20, 2018, Elena launched her own YouTube channel, under the name Elena, where she primarily shares reaction, travel, style, and video blog content.
  4. On her TikTok account with the username elenakamperi, Elena had close to 1 million preferences and more than 200k admirers as of April 2021.
  5. Vicky Kaya, a model, is also a native of Greece like her.


Elena Kamperi: Who is she?

Elena is a well-known model and advertising powerhouse who has worked with well-known companies like Touch and Calvin Klein.

What is Elena’s age?

She arrived in the world on November 4th, 1999. She is a 21-year-old woman.

What are the total assets of Elena Kamperi?

The entire value of Elena’s assets is $500 or more.

What is the real name of Elena Kamperi?

Elena fits in with people of the White race.

Elena, is she married?

No! She is not yet married, and the name of her boyfriend has not yet been updated.

What do Elena’s Estimates entail?

34-23-34 are the measurements of her physique.

What level is Elena at?

His approximate height of Elena is 5 feet 6 inches.

What is the premise of Elena Kamperi’s strategy?

Elena Kamperi acknowledges that fashion is a way for people to express themselves and that they should be free to dress as they choose without worrying about others’ opinions. Her designs usually use bold prints, exaggerated outlines, and unexpectedly subtle details.

Who among the rich and famous has worn Elena Kamperi’s designs?

Several notable celebrities, like Woman Crazy, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner, have worn Elena Kamperi’s clothing.


Elena Kamperi is a trailblazer in the field of design, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is seen as acceptable and inspiring others to do the same. Her plans serve as a showcase for her creativity, vigor, and audacity, and she continues to serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring innovators around the world.

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