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What is Sumizeit?

Do you want to find out the secret to success? Do you yearn to discover how empires were built, millions were made, and industries were changed? You should read a book or two.

And if you don’t have time for that, because, you know, like work and family and relationships and all that stuff, Sumizeit may be the perfect compromise.

Sumizeit provides concise best-selling nonfiction summaries, including all of the key takeaways from the book. It only takes about 10 minutes to read. With books on every topic from business to psychology, Sumizeit can change your life.

Why Sumizeit?

Sumizeit will increase your knowledge and your learning capability, to improve yourself and become a better professional. They have over 1000 books in their library and add new books weekly. Furthermore, the 10-minute book summaries make it easy for you to get up to speed with more books than usual.

Sumizeit shows you what you need to know when you need to know it. From Peter Thiel and Eric Ries, you’ll learn how to start a business. From Gary Chapman’s books, you’ll learn how to improve your relationships. Gary John Bishop’s books teach you how to live a happier life and so on.

You can learn all of this anytime and anywhere on mobile (Download from Google Play | App Store) or desktop on the go. You can learn on your coffee break. You can learn while sitting at the beach. You can listen in during your drive home.

Do you prefer audio instead of text? Sumizeit provides book summaries in text, audio, and video format. That way you can listen in on your favorite books if that’s your preferred method.

Sumizeit Pros and Cons


  • Learn anywhere on the go – You can read, listen to, or watch the book summaries and micro-courses anytime, anywhere on mobile and desktop.
  • Excel in your career – The book summaries range in topic from Business to Psychology to Self Help. You will have a rich library to choose from.
  • New books are added weekly – Sumizeit staff is continually looking at market trends and adding new book titles each week.
  • Micro-courses – Micro Courses are designed to increase your knowledge about important topics: and they’re made up of the book summaries you already know and love. Each course features a topic. For each topic, you’ll get the book summaries hand-selected by our team to give you the best possible information about each topic.
  • Video! – Sumizeit is the only one of its competitors that offer video book summaries. Their new video summaries are packed with colorful cartoons, explanatory charts and diagrams, and other helpful content that will help visual learners get the most out of our summaries.


  • They could add more categories.
  • Their video collection is limited at the moment, but they are working on adding more video summaries.
  • Some summaries are too short – Sumizeit staff has a team of researchers that read each book, digest the main points, and craft each summary, cutting out the fluff.

How Much does Sumizeit Cost?

Is Sumizeit app free? They offer three summaries for free when you sign up. For the premium version, you can choose to pay per month or per year. The Premium Yearly subscription plan costs $39.99 per year, while the monthly plan costs $4.99 per month. They also offer a lifetime membership for a limited time for $69, the original price is $300.

With a Sumizeit subscription, you get

  • Unlimited access to 1000+ titles
  • Unlimited access to text, audio, video versions
  • Personalized recommendations from the Sumizeit editorial team
  • Access to Micro-courses

Sumizeit provides Teams Pricing. You should contact for prices.

Sumizeit Review: Should You Go for It?

If you like to read books and care about your personal and professional growth, you should try Sumizeit. It’s an excellent way to get a refresher on a book. It’s also a unique way to understand a book before you read it. If you want to read a book, Sumizeit helps you determine whether you’ll like it. The 10-minute summaries allow you to get up to speed with many books in a short amount of time. In conclusion, Sumizeit is perfect for people trying to improve themselves.

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