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Rachel Redford

Young entertainer Rachel Redford will likely be remembered for Wikipedia. She is a rising star in the acting world and is renowned for her outstanding performances.

The performer is renowned for her acting skills, normal excellence, and gorgeous skin. The role of Rhea Royce in the Yankee folklore dream shows television series Place of the Mythical Serpent is her most important work. The power struggle for advancement within House Targaryen, which started years ago, is the focal point of the television show.


Real Name Rachel Redford.
In Spotlight for Shadow and Bone Season 2.
Profession Actress.


Age I am 32 years old.
Birth Date June 15, 1990.
Birth Place Penarth, London.
Gender Female.
Nationality British.
Ethnicities White.


A notable name when it comes to arranging creations in London, Rachel Redford (age: 32, born on June 15, 1990) is an English theatre artist and entertainer who consistently establishes herself in the industry by delivering attention-grabbing exhibitions, be they on-screen or in theatre. Rachel Redford is constantly in the media spotlight.

Rachel Redford

Rachel Redford

Assuming roles in The Wilderness, Romeo, A Phantom From An Ideal Place, and others, Rachel is managed by Joint Specialists Ability Offices. She rose to fame for her performance in The Place of the Legendary Beasts, a television series that premiered on August 21, 2222.

Early Years of Rachel Redford

In 1990, Rachel Redford was born in Penarth, London, into a family of entertainers; her mother, Jennifer Lewis, was a well-known English performer who was most well-known in Pobol y Cwm. Her mother was the main source of inspiration for Rachel.

When she realized she needed to follow in her mother’s footsteps and get into acting, she trained in dance and began studying show illustrations for her GCSEs and A-levels. She had always had a passion for narrating and was curious about new things, so she enrolled in the Imperial Foundation of Sensational Craftsmanship and began her process of stage creation.


After leaving RADA, Redford began a career in Welsh theatre productions. She appeared in It’s A Family Undertaking at the Sherman Theater in 2013 as Lipochka, Equal Lines at the Part Expressions Center as Steph, Not the Most Terrible Spot at Theatr Clwyd in Form as Emma, and It’s A Family Undertaking at the Sherman Theater in 2014 as Steph. She won the Best Entertainer award from the Ridges Theater Pundits for her performance in Equal Lines.

In the same year, Redford made her London theatrical debut in Phantom from an Ideal Place at the Arcola Theater and Adler and Gibb at the Regal Court Theater. Jobs in Nearer at the Donmar Distribution Center and Luna Hurricane at London’s Hampstead Theater carried on this in 2015.

The Crucible at the Royal Exchange in Manchester.

Redford made her television debut in 2017 with the monotonous role of Lauren in the E4 spoof program Whole Year. She started playing Beth in the play The Wilderness that very year, appearing in separate performances of the play at the Youthful Vic, Playhouse Theater, St. Ann’s Distribution Centre, and Curran Theater in Off-West End, West End, and San Francisco. The cast as a whole and the group won an Obie Award in the category for Exceptional References for the Off-Broadway run.

Redford played Masha in the one-lady drama A Russian Doll, which will have its world premiere in 2021 at the Outbuilding Theater in Cirencester before moving on to the Arcola in London.

In the main role of the HBO dream series Place of the Winged Serpent, a Round of High positions prequel and transformation of George R. R. In Martin’s companion book Fire and Blood, Redford portrayed Woman Rhea Royce. She has a forthcoming role in the second season of the Netflix series Shadow and Bone.

How did Rachel Redford become an actor?

Rachel was a part of RADA’s play creations before leaving in 2013; she appeared in three of their productions, “Lord Lear,” “Blue Stockings,” and “The Basic Analysis,” and she also had a lead role in “Romeo and Juliet,” where she played Juliet at the Dark Rodent Creations, under the direction of rookie Richard Tunley.

Redford’s most memorable professional role came soon out of college in Sherman Cymru’s “It’s A Family Undertaking.” Being in front of a large public without precedent made Redford pause, but she performed the best she could and received the much-awaited plaudits.

In the television show/parody “Hole Year,” Redford was offered the role of Lauren; she played a character who jumped at the chance to satirize employment and was later seen in the parody movie “The Arrival of the Yuletide Youngster.”

Before moving on to the more reputable press and landing the role of Fruszi in the television series “Shadow and Bone Season 2,” she performed her last gig in the venue as Beth in “The Wilderness.”

Rachel Redford’s Net Worth

Because of her exceptional acting skills, she was cast as Woman Rhea Royce in Place of the Legendary Beast. She is busy juggling her upcoming tasks. As of October 2022, Redford’s total assets are estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Rachel Redford Height, Weight

Kelly’s height is roughly 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m), and she weighs 55 kg. Her hair and eyes are both black.

Rachel Redford Family History

Rachel is from a Christian family. Penarth, a neighborhood in London, was where she spent her formative years. Her father is a businessman, as stated by the sources. Jennifer Lewis is her mother.

Rachel Redford

Rachel Redford

Redford is close to her mother. Her mother also consistently gives her confidence. Despite this, we were unable to locate any information about her family or other kin. According to reports, she enjoys spending time with her mother.

Rachel Redford Boyfriend & Dating

Rachel is a talented actor and entertainer. She has collaborated with a few well-known artists. Redford, on the other hand, keeps her love life and relationship status quiet. In any event, no information on Rachel’s marital status is provided. Perhaps she is single. In addition, Redford enjoys working with her friends and colleagues.


  • Rachel puts a lot of effort into places where people can interact in person.
  • Her private Instagram account has around 2.4K followers (as of September 2022).
  • Joining the Specialised Ability Organisation is in charge of her administration.
  • Redford has appeared in places including the Manchester Imperial Exchange and the Hampstead Theater.
  • Another name for her is Rachel Passage.
  • The Illustrious Foundation of Astounding Workmanship prepared Rachel for acting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rachel Redford?

Model and performer Rachel Redford, sometimes known as Rachel Portage, is most known for playing the roles of Fruzsi in Shadow and Bone and Lauren in Hole Year. In Place of the Legendary Serpent, Rachel addresses Rhea Royce.

What time does Rachel Redford work?

In Penarth, London, Joined Realm, Rachel Redford was born in 1990. She is currently 32 years old.

How old is Rachel Redford?

She is 32 years old.

Who plays the role of Women Rhea Royce in the mythical serpent’s absence?

Redford, Rachel

How much does Rachel Redford have in her bank account?

789.09 K USD.

What grade is Rachel Redford?

Rachel is 156 cm tall.

Is Rachel Redford a user of Instagram?

Truly (Rachel Redford)

Is the information on Rachel Redford available on Wikipedia?

On Wikipedia, Rachel Redford is not listed. She is a well-known American performer, particularly in her role in The Place of the Winged Serpent. Among her, significant works are Shadow and Bone (2021), Hole Year (2017), and The Uproar Club (2014)

How Old Would Rachel Redford Say She Is?

Rachel Redford is currently 32 years old. She was born in 1990 into a Christian family. In any event, she appears younger than her true age. Several admirers have been lured to her attractive beauty.

How Tall Is Rachel Redford?

Redford, Rachel’s photos give the impression of being tall. She stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall. She carries about 55 kg. Her acting career has benefited from her transcendent height.


Rachel Redford is an excellent example of what can be achieved through challenging labor, perseverance, and a passion for news reporting. Her profession has been characterized as a commitment to truth, honesty, and the pursuit of equity, and she has inspired countless others to follow in her footsteps and make a difference with their work. Columnists like Rachel Redford will play a crucial role in shedding light on truth and holding those in positions of authority accountable as the globe continues to grapple with a variety of complex and challenging challenges.

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