Packaging Protection Primer: Avoid Costly Food Recall For Your Business

Packaging Protection Primer

The number of food recalls in the US has increased in recent years due to factors such as globalization of the food supply chain, increased scrutiny by regulatory agencies, and improved detection methods.


Counterfeit products can indirectly contribute to food recalls by introducing unsafe or lower-quality products into the supply chain.


For example, counterfeit products may contain harmful substances and substandard ingredients or be manufactured in unhygienic conditions, which can threaten public health. In some cases, fake products can be intentionally mislabeled, leading to undeclared allergens or incorrect ingredients in food products, which can trigger a recall.


Food recalls can have significant financial and reputational consequences for companies and pose a risk to public health. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to have robust food safety systems in place, including recall plans and effective traceability systems, to quickly and effectively address any safety concerns that may arise.


Companies have taken measures to secure their products and increase traceability. Read on to learn a thing or two that might help you and your brand.


Foil Sealing

Foil sealing is a popular packaging method in which a thin layer of aluminum foil is placed over the top of a container or packaging material and then sealed to the container or material to create an air-tight and tamper-evident seal.


The impact of foil sealing on Packaging Protection Primer can be significant and is generally positive. It provides a visual indication if a package has been opened or tampered with, giving customers confidence in the safety and quality of the product. Some companies have taken it further by embossing their logo, making it easier for customers to differentiate between counterfeit and genuine goods.


Overall, foil sealing is a versatile packaging solution that provides many benefits to both customers and businesses. It enhances the overall quality and appeal of packaged products while ensuring the safety and security of the contents.



Many companies view serialization as a necessary step to protect their brand and maintain consumer confidence in the face of increasing food recalls and counterfeit products.


Serialization helps combat food product recalls by providing a unique identifier for each individual package of a product, which allows for the tracking and traceability of that package throughout the supply chain. This helps companies to quickly and effectively identify the source of any potential contamination or safety issues and to initiate a recall only for the affected products, reducing the potential impact on consumers and the business.


Serial numbers are used to confirm the genuineness of products for each individual product or package. This unique identifier can be used to verify the authenticity of the product and to detect any counterfeit or imitation products that may be entering the market.


Specifically, serial numbers are used in the following ways to confirm the genuineness of products:


Database tracking:

Serial numbers are entered into a database and linked to information about the product, such as its manufacturing date, location, and batch number. By checking the serial number against the database, companies can confirm the authenticity of the product.


QR codes or barcodes:

Serial numbers can be encoded into QR codes or barcodes, which can be scanned by a smartphone or barcode reader to access information about the product and confirm its authenticity.


Tamper-evident packaging:

Make sure to purchase only from a reputable packaging company. This is important for perishable products that need extra protection, such as for packaging cannabis, packaging edibles, and packaging health supplements. Serial numbers can be incorporated into tamper-evident packaging, making it difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce the serial number and pass off their products as genuine.

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