Who is Ana Lorde? Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Net Worth & More

Ana Lorde

American model and digital content creator Ana Lorde. She also hosts 3 on-4 reels seven days a week and is a major influence in online entertainment. Ana was born in San Diego, California, and she promised herself that Cali, Colombia would be her next home. We are striving to answer the majority of questions about Ana on this page, including her partner, age, beau, level, memoir, wiki, bio, total assets, pictures, and so on.

Who is Ana Lorde?

Young American woman Ana Lorde is succeeding in both the dance and virtual entertainment worlds. She is particularly well-known for her creativity and broad range of abilities. She has also handled business for FHM and Playboy Saying. The young woman posts a variety of original content and maintains a few online entertainment profiles. Despite her impressive performing abilities, Ana Lorde is captivating the world with her humorous and creative images shared on Instagram and other virtual entertainment platforms. According to her, her Instagram account has more than 3.8 million followers. Examine Ana Lorde’s Wikipedia page in further detail, as well as her background, timeline, level of education, weight, relationship with a Friday, body measurements, net worth, family, and line of work.

Full Real Name Ana Lorde
Father’s Name NA
Mother’s Name NA
Birth Date 12th of June, 1990
Birthplace/Hometown Netherlands
Age 32 years
Profession Dancer, Mature Actress, Social Media Influencer
Spouse/Husband Unmarried
Children NA
Relationship/Boyfriend Single
Siblings Unknown
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Eyes Color Hazel Brown
Ethnicity Dutch
Ana Lorde Net worth $4.5 Million
Monthly Income/Salary $200,000
Earning $2 Million
Nationality American, Dutch


A young American girl named Ana Lorde is rising to prominence in the dance and online entertainment scenes. She is particularly well-known for her creativity and wide range of skills. She also collaborated with Saying, Playboy, and FHM. The little girl provides a wide range of original content on her online entertainment platforms.

Ana Lorde

Ana Lorde

Despite having fantastic performing skills, Ana Lorde dazzled the globe with her fun and innovative photos on Instagram and other online entertainment platforms. She has nearly 3.8 million followers on Instagram. Check out a deeper dive into Ana Lorde’s Wikipedia profile, bio, age, level, weight, beauty, estimated physical attributes, total assets, family, career, and various other realities.

Early Life and Childhood

Ana Lorde was born in 1990 and maybe 32 years old as of this writing, according to available resources. It is impossible to find her real first name. Ana is an American citizen because she was born there.

Her mother works at home, according to the web-based assets, while her father runs his own business in the US.

Little is known about her scholarly prowess when discussing her instructive subtleties. She may have, however, completed her higher education.

Instructive What happened next

Young woman Ana Lorde is well-informed. Positively, preparation can be greatly aided by training, and Ana Lorde was well aware of this fact. She had a broad education as a result of this. But as of right now, we don’t know much about her powers. Any new information in this section will be updated here.

Families Ana Lorde

Ana Lorde

Ana Lorde

The training of Ana Lorde is unknown, but it is clear that she is well-informed although she has not disclosed anything about her educational background. She is extremely similar to other VIPs in that she prefers to keep as little of her personal life as possible out of the public light, therefore information about his family, ancestry, and teenage years is also unavailable. A Christian family was unavoidably introduced to her.

Relationship History with a Sweetheart

Although Ana Lorde is a special person who enjoys sharing her virtual enjoyment, she doesn’t talk much about her personal life.

All things considered, she hasn’t given her love life much thought because she is concentrating on her career as a model and substance creator.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Ana Lorde is 1.65 meters or 5 feet 5 inches tall, or 165 cm. She also weighs about 55 kg (121 pounds). She has lovely light hair and dark, earthy eyes. Additionally, she frequently charms her followers by posting pictures of her on Instagram, and they seemed eager to express their gratitude for the update. She measures 36-26-42 inches across her body. She wears a bra size 34 CC…

Age of Ana Lorde

Her true birthdate is now unknown. Ana Lorde is probably in her thirties at this time. She is of mixed background and identifies as American, although she is not of mixed race. She was created in the United States of America. Her mother and father have ambiguous personalities. She also has a few relatives. She has got a comprehensive education in terms of tutoring.

Cars & Bikes Collection, Real Estate & House

Ana doesn’t seem to be a big fan of cars. However, according to our sources, she is currently using two luxury heavy bicycles. She has also been spotted near her home riding her #1 green-hued bicycle. She owns everything but cars and a bicycle, including a luxurious condo valued at $0.9 million US.

Ana Lorde

Ana Lorde

Physical Aspects Of Ana Lorde

Ana is a well-known model, as we’ve seen; consequently, if we look into it, her physical attributes are what make her famous. A significant portion must know this information of the public. As a result, we have made an effort to compile some of her actual intricacies for the improvement of the information about people as a whole.

Most importantly, if we look into it, we’ll find that Ana is 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Her weight will also be the key indicator of her character. The studies help us comprehend that the star’s weight remains at 55 kg because her physical appearance suggests that she may weigh more. click here

Discussing The Favorites Of Ana Lorde

We must identify the characters’ best decisions to learn more about their personal lives as stars. This will enable us to learn more about their daily lives. Ana Lorde has a craving for Spanish and Mexican food, as evidenced by the subtleties she has given to people generally. In the same way, if we were to discuss her top priority, it would be Rome. The colors of our charming model that people adore the most are red and dark. She engages in a remarkably wide range of hobbies, including traveling, acting, dancing, singing, photography, and bicycling.

Ana Lorde – Social Media


Ana joined Instagram in March 2016 and has a US-based following. In June 2019, her record underwent an official check. She first shared a photo of herself on July 12, 2016, and she has published more than 600 posts.

She has more than 7 million followers on Instagram but only follows more than 75 people there.


Lorde started using Twitter in March 2016 and has since sent out over 2,000 tweets. She is just following 28 individuals as of right now. She has about 500K followers at the moment.

Instagram – Available

Twitter – Available

TikTok – Available

Ana Lorde

Ana Lorde

Facts & Figures about her

  1. With a unique, confident, and energetic style that speaks to a few well-known brands, Ana has collaborated with the USA on some well-known brands.
  2. Through a bop with the inspiring message to value oneself as well as other people, she has the power to connect with and transform the existences of others, especially for herself. Additionally, she is dispersing energy through her messages. Further, she silences all negativity from those that despise you!
  3. In November 2013, she uploaded her most memorable photo on an Instagram account from Los Angeles.
  4. Yellow is her favorite color.

Net Worth

Ana Lorde has been active for many years. She started as a webcam model and later transitioned to modeling. She is currently active on membership-based stages where she creates custom content for her admirers. For her celebrity-focused content, her admirers must spend a finite amount of money. Additionally, she is available for live visits and chats with her followers.

She is also involved in affiliations, advancements, and other things. The entire worth of Ana Lorde’s assets exceeds $8 million. She never, however, readily divulges her real salary anywhere.


A well-known and enthusiastic model and VIP, Ana Lorde. She is also referred to as a model and a powerhouse. Because of her enormous splendor and enthusiasm, she is well-liked. Additionally, Through numerous virtual entertainment applications, she has a large following. Regardless, she possesses a sizable amount of overall assets and leads an opulent lifestyle. She also works as a brand ambassador and model.

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