A Beautiful and Genuine Taste of America at American Deli

American Deli

The renowned fast-food company American Deli is known for its delicious and authentic American-style sandwiches, wings, and fries. With locations throughout the Country, American Shop has established itself as a top choice for hungry customers looking for a quick and satisfying meal. You should be aware of the beginning and the demise of this beloved fast-food establishment.

The American Deli history

The American Deli was founded in 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dallas Smith and Arif Alikhan, two longtime friends. The café’s central concept was to provide excellent shop sandwiches, wings, and fries for a fair price. To create a menu that would appeal to a large number of customers, the two pioneers drew inspiration from their own experiences as well as the many Atlantan groups.

What we do our tale

Few things can bring people together like wonderful cuisine. We are aware of this at American Deli. That is why we spend many hours in the kitchen creating the mouthwatering, tasty Outstanding American Cuisine you’ve grown to love, including Hot Wings, Subs, Gyros, and Philly Cheddar Steaks, among many more dishes.

Name American Deli
Year Founded 1989
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia
Locations Over 15 locations across the United States
Menu Offerings Deli sandwiches, wings, fries, onion rings, sweet potato tots
Popular Items “Lemon Pepper Wet” wings, Philly cheesesteak sandwich
Online Ordering Available through the American Deli website and mobile app
Customer Service Friendly and welcoming staff, casual and comfortable atmosphere

Our story began in 1989 when we established our most enduring restaurant in Atlanta’s South Dekalb Shopping Center. After that, we opened a second store in Columbus, Georgia, essentially immediately. However, more than 20 years later, we now have more than 60 stores spread across Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida…and we’re growing.

Our main objective is to deliver delicious, new, American-style food in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that will leave you wanting more. At American Deli, we recognize that Amazing Food Deserves Fantastic Fun.

American Deli

American Deli

We Are Also, And We’ve Been Around Since 1989!

Our main objective since the South Dekalb Shopping Center location of our most memorable store in Atlanta, Georgia, opened has been to treat every customer like a member of the family and provide them with food that we’d be happy to have on our kitchen table.

In addition, much like any large family, some of our establishments are intriguing, if not downright unique, but we take great pride in providing mouthwatering cuisine and consistently working to make every visit from our guests better than the last.

So join us at our table and come aboard. The BBQ is hot and ready to serve anything your taste buds desire, and the fryers are foaming.

As you are family when you visit American Deli

Contributions to Menu

Exceptional store sandwiches including pastrami, corned beef, and turkey, as well as specialty sandwiches like the Philly cheesesteak and the club sandwich, are among the mouthwatering options on the menu at American Shop. Also, customers can choose from a variety of wings, ranging in heat from mild to spicy, and a variety of sides, such as fries, onion rings, and yam children.

The “Lemon Pepper Wet” wings, covered in a lemon pepper preparation and an amazing sauce that gives them a distinctive and remarkable flavor, are arguably the most well-known item on the menu. Also, customers have access to a variety of dipping sauces for their wings, such as farm, blue cheddar, and honey mustard.

High Cost of Food

Affordable food is a mainstay of American cuisine, with well-known businesses like McD’s, Burger Lord, and Taco Ringer being located in urban areas around the country. Cheap food is regularly criticized for being unfortunate and contributing to the nation’s stoutness epidemic.


In the US, grilling is a well-liked cooking method, with each region having its distinctive style. The three grilling techniques that are the most well-known are the Texas, Kansas City, and Memphis styles.


Hotcakes, waffles, bacon, and eggs are just a few of the popular items that make up breakfast in American culture. Breakfast food variants like cornmeal, bread rolls, and sauce are also common in some places.


The sweet and voluminous flavors of American pastries are well-known. Well-known sweets include cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, and fruit desserts.

Ethnic Cuisine

Since the population of the US is diverse, several types of ethnic cookery have been discovered there. Several well-known ethnic cooking techniques combine Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian cuisine.

Event-Related Food

Some US holidays revolve around food, such as Thanksgiving (which is typically celebrated with turkey and everything on the side), Christmas (which frequently involves ham or dish pork), and the Fourth of July (which is related to grill and wieners).


A wide variety of sandwiches, subs, buns, burgers, and wraps, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg are available at Incredible American Deli, all of which are made from high-quality ingredients. We provide a fully integrated, turnkey solution for the prepared-to-eat comfort food market. Also, you will receive the assistance and support you would expect from a company with more than 60 years of experience.


Quality and accommodations may be compatible. Our sandwiches and other offerings bear this out. We use real ingredients, such as plain cheeses rather than “handled” contributions. This choice, along with many other sincere repairing techniques, makes a better sandwich… That’s how simple it is, we assure you.


Change starts with us. Using only high-quality ingredients is one thing, but that flavor also needs to be preserved and communicated. Only a few of the ways we guarantee our products will be relished in new condition and taste flawless are our high-level packing technique and effective request fulfillment.

Customer Experience

The customer experience is just as important at American Shop as the cuisine itself. The personnel is renowned for their kind and welcoming demeanor, and they are constantly prepared to answer queries and offer advice. The restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere and welcoming atmosphere are meant to encourage customers to stay and enjoy their dinner.

Internet-based requests

American Shop provides web-based ordering through their website and mobile application for customers who need to skip the wait and place their order in advance. This helpful feature enables customers to submit their order and payment in advance so that their dinner will be ready when they arrive.



Food Thing Calories (cal) whole fat (g) soggy fat (g) Added fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)  Sodium (mg) Cholesterol (mg)


Consumable Fibre (g) Sugars (g) (g) Protein (g) (g) Protein (g)
Tilapia (2pc) 24 11 1 7 44 3


Coke (2oz) 18 45 5 5


Philly (Beef) 95 59 65 15 1 147 6 5 5 3


Reuben 68 36 4 1 9 245 45 5 3


Garden Salad (Small) 3 2 2 1 45 54 15 5 1



  1. Assortment: American Deli offers a wide range of menu items to browse, with a focus on sandwiches, mixed greens, and sides as well as chicken wings in a variety of flavors.
  2. Comfort: American Shop has locations all across the Nation, making it a useful option for a quick meal on the run.
  3. Costs are reasonably low when compared to other fast food businesses, which makes American Shop a desirable option for budget burger places.
  4. Customization: Customers can alter the wing flavors, sauces, and garnishes on their entrees as they see fit.


  1. Limited solid options: The menu of American Shop is primarily sandwiches and broiled chicken wings, which may not be suitable for people looking for better options.
  2. Conflicting quality: A few customers have reported inconsistent quality across different American Shop locations, with some of these locations producing subpar meals.
  3. Order processing can experience considerable delays during peak hours when American Store sections can get crowded.
  4. Limited seating: There is limited seating in many American Store locations, which may not be ideal for people who want to eat in.
American Deli

American Deli


Pros Cons
Wide variety of menu items Limited healthy options
Convenient locations Inconsistent quality
Affordable prices Long wait times during peak hours
Customizable meals Limited seating


American Deli: What is it?

An inexpensive restaurant franchise called American Deli sells sandwiches, wings, and fries. It was started in 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia, and has now spread to more than 15 locations around the Country.

Which cuisines does American Deli offer?

Sandwiches at American Deli range from specialty sandwiches like the Philly cheesesteak to works of art like pastrami and turkey. The restaurant business is renowned for its wings, which come in a variety of flavors, from mild to fiery. Fries, onion rings, and baby yams are among the sides.

What items on the American Deli menu are the most well-known?

The “Lemon Pepper Wet” wings, wrapped in lemon pepper preparation and an exceptional sauce, are arguably the most popular item on the American Deli menu. Another favorite is the Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

Is American Shop a good value for the money?

Several customers agree that American Deli delivers exceptional value for the money because the portions are generous and the prices are fair. Internet reviews claim that the cuisine is generally of excellent quality and that the customer service is kind and welcoming.

Does American Deli provide online ordering?

American Shop provides internet ordering via its website and mobile application.

Are there any new developments or plans for American Shop?

American Deli occasionally offers improvements and arrangements, such as restrictions on clear-cut menu items or combo dinners. They are frequently advertised on the company’s website and online entertainment channels.

Is there anything on the American Deli menu for vegetarians or those who love vegetables?

There are a few vegan options on the menu, such as the vegetarian sub sandwich and the barbecued cheddar sandwich, even though American Deli is known for its meat-based sandwiches and wings.


Overall, American Deli is an inexpensive restaurant chain that sells a variety of chicken wings, sandwiches, mixed greens, and sides for affordable prices. Ultimately, if American Deli is a good choice for you will depend on your unique preferences and needs.

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